What’s on my face…


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What’s On My Face…

Er, lately?  To be completely honest – nothing.  Gasp.  I am a beauty blogger that doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis?  Perhaps I should rethink this whole thing.
I used to wear make up every day.  I had to, it was as much a part of my uniform as my clothes.  Now, I work in a job where I don’t have to; and I bloody love it!  I don’t always look as glam, but I stare at a computer all day, the computer doesn’t care whether or not my eye shadow is perfectly applied or my blush leaves me looking lightly flushed.
Now on nights out, I get to experiment.  I wear makeup to meet friends, to go for dinner with family.  I appreciate wearing make up, because it’s no longer a part of my every day routine.  It’s also builds the anticipation that I’m about to do something really nice, and I like that.  I have absolutely no qualms about leaving the house without make up.  I understand that the mere thought of leaving without some sort of coverage is unthinkable to a lot of girls.  I once lived with a girl who always wore a scarf indoors, so if she was caught by her housemates bare faced, she could cover herself so that you could only see her eyes and forehead.  True Story.  I have also met girls who don’t take their makeup off before they go to bed, so they’re always made up the next morning for their boyfriends.
I’m not quite sure what to make of this.  On one hand; everyone – women and men, should have the power to choose their own appearance and a full face of makeup worn daily is every bit as valid as going without; but it is interesting that it’s primarily women that don’t like to present their naked face to the world.  I also don’t prescribe to the notion that women wear makeup to attract men; it has much more to do with self-confidence.
What your thoughts?  Does the thought of leaving the house without makeup fill you with dread, do you save it for special occasions, or is it merely something you stick on because you feel you have to?

Foundation Love


Foundation is probably the most important make up item you can own.  A good one can make you look like a more radiant, healthy version of you.  A bad one; well it can make you look a bit of a mess really.  It doesn’t matter how good that perfectly applied smokey eye is – if your base isn’t right then it’s hard to focus on anything else.

The following foundations are my current go-tos.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

A budget option for those who want great skin, without having to shell out.  Bourjois has a reputation for producing some of the best foundations in the drugstore, and in my opinion, some of the best foundations on the market.  This is a light/medium coverage, best suited for someone with a normal/combination skin type.  I find that I do have to set it to keep it in place all day, but once powdered, it’s a trooper!  I wear no.51, and whilst it is a spot on match – the shade selection isn’t the greatest.  Bourjois need to work on that.  Available from Boots, Superdrug and Tescos from £10.99

Mac Mineralize Moisture SPF15

This is a beautiful foundation.  Again a light/medium coverage that can be built into medium/full.  It’s a gorgeous dewy coverage that gives the skin radiance, at the same time being hydrating.  With a light dusting of powder, it goes the distance too.  Not great for flash photography – it’s a little too dewy for that.  Best suited for dry/normal/combination, anyone too dry or too oily probably wouldn’t find this the best.  I wear NC20 and its £27

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder

I never get as many compliments about my skin as when I wear this powder.  Its a mineral foundation, but I do like to dust it over a liquid to set if I’m going to a special occasion and want a little extra coverage.  With tons of skincare properties (including traces of gold!) its a very smoothing foundation that is great for chucking on in a hurry.  It has a light coverage that is buildable to medium, but it is best left for good skin days.  The wear is roughly about 8 hours on my dehydrated combo skin.  I wear fair, and it’s not the cheapest at £39 but you do get an impressive 21g of product.  Smashbox do starter kits which work out to be great value, and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

You may have noticed a trend.  I like my hydration.

How to wear… Trends


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Trend make ups can be notoriously difficult to pull off.  What we see on the catwalk is often bizarre, and flattering only to the models who wear them (sometimes not even then).  Personally, I love trend makeup, they are often seen as an artistic expression rather than a means to conform to any particular prescription of “beauty”.

Chanel Garish

A perfect example of garish trend makeup as seen for Chanel S/S 14

What is interesting about catwalk makeup, is how heavily “bare faced beauty” is represented.  This look is polished and chic and very achievable for the consumer on the street to reproduce.  Bare Faced Beauty is created with flawless, touchable skin, groomed brows, a subtle sweep of mascara, a touch of blush and natural lips.

Bare faced beauty ss 14

Chloe s/s14

Bare faced Beauty

Giambattista Valli a/w 13/14

What are your favourite products for Bare Faced Beauty days?

Navigating the Beauty Hall


Ah the Beauty Hall.  The choice.  The wonderful array of products that promise to smooth skin, mask imperfections and create a shinier, more wonderful version of you.  Not to mention the Beauty Assistants (BAs), each wanting to tempt and tease and cajole you to hand your hard earned cash over to them in the vain pursuit of the body beautiful.  It can overwhelming.  It can be exhausting.  It can be downright terrifying.

I am here to help.  As a former BA, I have three simple rules to follow and you should be alright.
Be Polite
BAs have a reputation for being overly pushy.  Often with good reason.  Beauty companies are notoriously difficult to work for.  Many have daily and hourly targets, including quotas for particular products.  And their job is dependant on making those targets.  Whilst that does not give you the right to bully you into buying; please be aware that these are people who are trying to do a job.  Most are genuinely lovely.  Hold firm but be polite.  They have enough to deal with than trying to navigate their way through rude customers.  Also; they know their stuff.  Many are trained MUA’s and have been trained to know their product inside out.  If you are genuinely just having a mindless browse, say so.  Even drop in the ol’ “oh I forgot my purse, I want ideas for my birthday etc”.  But if you want to know the coverage of a particular foundation – the BA will be your best friend.
Be Informed
We live in the age of technology.  We literally have a world of information at our fingertips, and never more so when it comes to the beauty industry.  Websites such as Temptalia and Make Up Alley provides consumers with real, honest to life reviews of individual products.  Having an idea of what product you are potentially interested in before you shop will help you get an idea of how the product will perform.
Be Savvy
Make up brands love their big statements.  Every where you look, counters are having events for the Best Mascara Of All Time.  They will offer you a make up “consultation’ (great if you genuinely are interested in the brand and want to see more).  Make up companies want to sell products.  They will try and convince you that you absolutely need the latest primer, or lipstick and there is no way that you can buy that lipstick without the matching blusher.  You are the consumer and it is absolutely you’re right to decide what product you need to have.
Hope this helps!  Have you had any nightmare experiences when Make up shopping?

Ten Things You Don’t Need To Know, But I’ll Tell You Anyway…


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  1. I like my dog more than most people, including some (but not all) members of my family.
  2. am inextricably and unequivocally messy.
  3. I find mild road rage to be cathartic.
  4. I have a addiction to eyeshadows, and cannot resist buying at least one every time I go shopping.
  5. My last Halloween Costume was a tree.
  6. My dog has a theme tune, written and performed by me.
  7. I think I am the best dancer in the world and The  Lawnmower is my signature dance.
  8. I am afraid of stickers.  And if you come near me with one, I might kill you.  Seriously.
  9. I am a bitch in the morning until I get my coffee.
  10. I love Made in Chelsea.  I would say its my guilty secret, but I’m actually quite open about it.

Me As A Tree20130927_074309jay

Elle “rebrand” feminism.


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Elle has done a collaboration with three ad agencies and feminist groups to “rebrand” feminism.  As a recurring argument (sorry “heated debate”) I have with fellow women is about their refusal to align themselves with feminism, this has been a long time coming.  It’s fair to say that feminism gets a bad rap.
As someone who was raised by a strong woman who held her own in a very male-orientated environment, it took me a little bit longer than most to realise that the world doesn’t necessarily operate that way.  In fact, I had my revelation whilst watching Live and Kicking one Saturday morning (wrapped in my duvet), during a segment on why women have to pay VAT on sanitary protection.  I think I was 12 or 13 and recently just started my periods.  I was outraged, and I have stayed that way ever since.
These “heated debates” that I speak of happen in the strangest of places and with the most unexpected of people; a module in university on the role of women in theatre with someone who was intelligent, well read and versed in current affairs.  Her rational for not identifying with this particular group?  It was too radical.
The ad above deconstructs this common misconception.  Some have challenged the fact that these ads are to appear in Elle – a fashion magazine, when the fashion industry are perhaps the biggest perpetrators of sexism in the mainstream media. Some have argued that they are a desperate attempt to sell magazines and align themselves with a “cause”; but despite the motivation – having this message appear in a magazine with a circulation of over 150,000 can only be a good thing.
Thanks to the lovely ladies over on www.beaut.ie who drew my attention to these.

Where’s Me Jumper?


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Jumpers are amazing.  They are the huge woolly hugs that keep on giving.  I live in jumpers from the 1st of September to 30th of May.  So there is approximately three months when they are put away, and may be sneaked out when I feel like some uber-comfort.

Of course I favour the completely huge and baggy oversized variety.  If it’s big enough to double as a blanket, then it’s okay by me.  Here are some of my favourites from the current picks available online.
Topshop Purple
I love this from Topshop.  It’s big and baggy and reminiscent of stealing your boyfriends jumper and feeling like a little delicate waif.  A warm delicate waif.  At £38 – it’s not a bad price.  Plus Topshop, whilst it can be expensive for ordinary bits and pieces, I have found that their knits are usually good quality.  £38 Topshop
 Multi Coloured Topshop 
Another pick from Topshop is this multi-coloured number.  Potentially one that wouldn’t look out of place on the Saturday Swapshop – but with skinny jeans and a nice pair of boots, its a stylish warmer for the autumn/winter season.  £38 Topshop
Free People Cozy Cat
This one from Free People has serious blanket credentials.  A little bit pricier than the first two, but I love the big chunky wool, and the asymmetrical hem.  Also, it covers your bum, meaning that it will keep your cheeks toasty.  £88 Free People 

New Look

And from the expensive to the cheap and cheerful is this little number from New Look.  I really like the leather(imitation) detail on the shoulders.  £17.99 New Look

Pull and Bear

And finally, my personal favourite, because out of all the picks above, I got round to picking this up.  It’s incredibly flattering, and most importantly – warm.  £29.99 Pull and Bear
What do you look for in a good jumper?