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Just to prove that I’m not completely a boring old fart, I went out dancing last night.  And the best bit?  The putting on of my makeup of course!  (Well, not quite, but it’s up there!)


What I used on my face.


On my skin I used the last of my Lift Lumiere by Chanel.  This is my party foundation, as it gives great coverage and photographs really well without looking overly heavy on the skin.  I concealed using a mixture of Benefits Boi-ng concealer on blemishes (which I have more than a few of recently!) and Nars Creamy Concealer for my under my eyes.  I used a Stila Convertible on my cheeks, as I wanted to go quite sparkly on the eyes.  For the lips, I used Macs Up the Amp, which is becoming my go to lipstick for out and about.

Silver and Purple

My Eyes After I’d done with them

For the eyes, I used Chanel Illusion d’ombre in epatant over the lid and the matte purple from the Sleek Snapshot Palette in the crease and outer corner of the eye.  Plenty of black liner on the lower waterline and on the upper lashline, smoked out with a tiny bit of matte black shadow.  Uber Sparkly and rather festive, I think.


Nov 22 2013

Perhaps a little bit worse for wear?


Ladies (or lads, we are non-discriminatory here at Eclectic Ladyland) what’s your favourite bit of going out?  Is the actual drinking/dancing/craic bit of the night, or are you like me and relish the time it takes to get ready?