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What’s On My Face…

Er, lately?  To be completely honest – nothing.  Gasp.  I am a beauty blogger that doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis?  Perhaps I should rethink this whole thing.
I used to wear make up every day.  I had to, it was as much a part of my uniform as my clothes.  Now, I work in a job where I don’t have to; and I bloody love it!  I don’t always look as glam, but I stare at a computer all day, the computer doesn’t care whether or not my eye shadow is perfectly applied or my blush leaves me looking lightly flushed.
Now on nights out, I get to experiment.  I wear makeup to meet friends, to go for dinner with family.  I appreciate wearing make up, because it’s no longer a part of my every day routine.  It’s also builds the anticipation that I’m about to do something really nice, and I like that.  I have absolutely no qualms about leaving the house without make up.  I understand that the mere thought of leaving without some sort of coverage is unthinkable to a lot of girls.  I once lived with a girl who always wore a scarf indoors, so if she was caught by her housemates bare faced, she could cover herself so that you could only see her eyes and forehead.  True Story.  I have also met girls who don’t take their makeup off before they go to bed, so they’re always made up the next morning for their boyfriends.
I’m not quite sure what to make of this.  On one hand; everyone – women and men, should have the power to choose their own appearance and a full face of makeup worn daily is every bit as valid as going without; but it is interesting that it’s primarily women that don’t like to present their naked face to the world.  I also don’t prescribe to the notion that women wear makeup to attract men; it has much more to do with self-confidence.
What your thoughts?  Does the thought of leaving the house without makeup fill you with dread, do you save it for special occasions, or is it merely something you stick on because you feel you have to?