Ah the Beauty Hall.  The choice.  The wonderful array of products that promise to smooth skin, mask imperfections and create a shinier, more wonderful version of you.  Not to mention the Beauty Assistants (BAs), each wanting to tempt and tease and cajole you to hand your hard earned cash over to them in the vain pursuit of the body beautiful.  It can overwhelming.  It can be exhausting.  It can be downright terrifying.

I am here to help.  As a former BA, I have three simple rules to follow and you should be alright.
Be Polite
BAs have a reputation for being overly pushy.  Often with good reason.  Beauty companies are notoriously difficult to work for.  Many have daily and hourly targets, including quotas for particular products.  And their job is dependant on making those targets.  Whilst that does not give you the right to bully you into buying; please be aware that these are people who are trying to do a job.  Most are genuinely lovely.  Hold firm but be polite.  They have enough to deal with than trying to navigate their way through rude customers.  Also; they know their stuff.  Many are trained MUA’s and have been trained to know their product inside out.  If you are genuinely just having a mindless browse, say so.  Even drop in the ol’ “oh I forgot my purse, I want ideas for my birthday etc”.  But if you want to know the coverage of a particular foundation – the BA will be your best friend.
Be Informed
We live in the age of technology.  We literally have a world of information at our fingertips, and never more so when it comes to the beauty industry.  Websites such as Temptalia and Make Up Alley provides consumers with real, honest to life reviews of individual products.  Having an idea of what product you are potentially interested in before you shop will help you get an idea of how the product will perform.
Be Savvy
Make up brands love their big statements.  Every where you look, counters are having events for the Best Mascara Of All Time.  They will offer you a make up “consultation’ (great if you genuinely are interested in the brand and want to see more).  Make up companies want to sell products.  They will try and convince you that you absolutely need the latest primer, or lipstick and there is no way that you can buy that lipstick without the matching blusher.  You are the consumer and it is absolutely you’re right to decide what product you need to have.
Hope this helps!  Have you had any nightmare experiences when Make up shopping?