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  1. I like my dog more than most people, including some (but not all) members of my family.
  2. am inextricably and unequivocally messy.
  3. I find mild road rage to be cathartic.
  4. I have a addiction to eyeshadows, and cannot resist buying at least one every time I go shopping.
  5. My last Halloween Costume was a tree.
  6. My dog has a theme tune, written and performed by me.
  7. I think I am the best dancer in the world and The  Lawnmower is my signature dance.
  8. I am afraid of stickers.  And if you come near me with one, I might kill you.  Seriously.
  9. I am a bitch in the morning until I get my coffee.
  10. I love Made in Chelsea.  I would say its my guilty secret, but I’m actually quite open about it.

Me As A Tree20130927_074309jay