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Elle has done a collaboration with three ad agencies and feminist groups to “rebrand” feminism.  As a recurring argument (sorry “heated debate”) I have with fellow women is about their refusal to align themselves with feminism, this has been a long time coming.  It’s fair to say that feminism gets a bad rap.
As someone who was raised by a strong woman who held her own in a very male-orientated environment, it took me a little bit longer than most to realise that the world doesn’t necessarily operate that way.  In fact, I had my revelation whilst watching Live and Kicking one Saturday morning (wrapped in my duvet), during a segment on why women have to pay VAT on sanitary protection.  I think I was 12 or 13 and recently just started my periods.  I was outraged, and I have stayed that way ever since.
These “heated debates” that I speak of happen in the strangest of places and with the most unexpected of people; a module in university on the role of women in theatre with someone who was intelligent, well read and versed in current affairs.  Her rational for not identifying with this particular group?  It was too radical.
The ad above deconstructs this common misconception.  Some have challenged the fact that these ads are to appear in Elle – a fashion magazine, when the fashion industry are perhaps the biggest perpetrators of sexism in the mainstream media. Some have argued that they are a desperate attempt to sell magazines and align themselves with a “cause”; but despite the motivation – having this message appear in a magazine with a circulation of over 150,000 can only be a good thing.
Thanks to the lovely ladies over on www.beaut.ie who drew my attention to these.