Wardrobe Overhaul!


Last week, I had a complete meltdown when trying to get changed to go out for dinner.  It wasn’t a fancy dinner; we were going to try an Indian that everyone around us had been raving about.  But despite my best efforts, nothing in my wardrobe really felt like “me”.  It was all too uncomfortable, too worn, not right.  And so I decided that my wardrobe needed a complete over haul.

The Cull

Over the next few days, I thought about what was in my wardrobe, about the dresses that I hadn’t wanted to get rid of because they were pretty and held good memories.  Then I realised that I hadn’t worn most of them for over six months.  As every woman will experience at some point in her life; my body had changed.  My boobs are on a journey that doesn’t have any sign of stopping.  And when I tried most of them on, I found that the zip got mysteriously stuck when hit mid-back.  So I got brave, brandishing my black bin liner I decided that everything that didn’t fit had to go.  Then there was the stuff I just didn’t like any more.  The vintage pieces that had been holding on, because I liked the pattern, if not the fabric.  I was ruthless.

A Vintage Frock I passed on - it looks better on AnnMarie!

A Vintage Frock I passed on – it looks better on AnnMarie!

Then I moved on to tops and jeans and eventually I was left with about a quarter of what I had previously owned.  It may sound overly dramatic, but I had been hoarding a lot of stuff for various reasons.  Then I was left with what actually flattered my shape, and more importantly I felt comfortable in. 

The Shop

The next stage should have been my favourite part of the whole experience, but by and large, I don’t really enjoy clothes shopping.  I hate changing room lighting, highlighting my grey, pasty Irish skin.  I scoured ASOS for a couple of days, deciding what styles that I liked.  I had hoped that I would be able to skip actually having to leave the house entirely, but a wise man pointed out that I needed jeans, and unless I was prepared to order twenty pairs with the hope of maybe finding one that was alright, I really needed to go and try stuff on.

And so I went, armed with what every girl needs when buying the staples for a new wardrobe; a good pair of critical, honest eyes.  I went with The Man, who is that completely rare species that actually enjoys shopping (although he admitted that the hanging outside of women’s changing rooms got him some funny looks).

Now I have a wardrobe that I genuinely enjoy.  It demonstrates my personal style, is flattering and comfortable.  No more hanging around in oversized jumpers because I have nothing else to wear!


The Finished Product!

If anyone would like to see a Closet Confidential video/haul showing what I came back with, please comment below.  If not, I might just film one anyway!

Cheers Folks



Back Soon!!

I have been a naughty blogger… But there are times when life gets in the way of good intentions, and the past couple of months have fallen firmly into that category.

But, now I have dusted myself off and shakened myself up and I’m back, and determined to make Eclectic lady land even better than before. Look out for twice weekly blogs, on a Sunday and Thursday. Plus, I have been playing with some video footage and may just go ahead and upload onto YouTube …

See you tomorrow guys!!

Ten Reasons You Probably Shouldn’t Piss Off a Hipster (aside from it not being very nice)


Hipster Cat

Hipsters get a lot of hate.  You can spot them a mile away, with their beards, their glasses, their skinny jeans or flowery skirts.  I also acknowledge that I may be the worst offender of all; a wannabe hipster.  So as a disclaimer, this is meant in jest and not to offend.  And now that’s out of the way, onto the list!


1.  No one likes a lukewarm (soy) latte (from an independent coffee shop) in the face.

2. You may be forced to listen to a song they’ve written about the intensity of their feelings regarding the manner in which you hurt their emotions.  In the style of Brazilian folk-jazz fusion.

3. Your twitter feed will be inundated by tweets with the hashtag “uncool”.

4. They will bake you gluten-free, vegan friendly brownies in an attempt to demonstrate how “cool they are with your feelings”.

5. They will un-invite you to their nineties themed DJ set.

6. They will write a blog post stating that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and actions.  Then they will detail why yours are wrong.

7. It’s never pretty seeing a grown adult attempt to make themselves cry to demonstrate how “in touch with their emotions they are”.

8. Because a granddad cardigan is never pretty – especially not one covered in snot.  (see above).

9. They may attempt to try and discover the motivation behind your mean behaviour.  And how they can be resolved.

10. They will ostracise you from Hipster society, forcing you to a life half lived on Starbucks lattes and chain store brands.


Happy Christmas guys!

AWOL Blogger!

Working on a post as I type this. December has been a non-month on Eclectic Ladyland for various reasons. But that shall be soon rectified.

Some blogging inspiration may be needed. What would you guys like to read about?

Put a stop to female genital mutilation. Full stop.

Well Said Vic. Well Said.

vic briggs

Let’s Talk Opinion in conversation with Project O

Question 6: If you could share an opinion on a single international incident or topic that you either feel strongly about or that might not be known to the rest of the world what would it be? You have our attention.

“Female genital mutilation: for the love of all humanity, how on earth is it possible for this to be happening in 2013? in the name of religion, apparently. Whichever god it is you follow, even if it is science, females have been created in that way for a reason. Who should have the right to change it? FGM in the USIn December 2012 the UN passed a resolution opposing the practice, and whilst the main practice occurs in Africa, a recent report gave official figures of 2000 girls seeking medical help in London in the past 3 years following the procedure. The appalling treatment…

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Christmas is a time of giving.  My youtube sub feed has over the past few weeks has been made up almost entirely of Christmas gift guides.  You know the ones.  Buy this insanely expensive box of bath oils for your loved ones (in fairness, I want those, they look and smell divine, but if I gave my mum £50 of bath oils for christmas i fear that she would laugh so hard that she would never stop).  

I had grandiose plans this christmas, then a couple of days ago I found out that I was going to be made redundant in the new year and it got me thinking about the value of Christmas.  I wanted it to be an opportunity to treat my loved ones, by getting them items that they would be excited to open on Christmas day.  My boyfriend was getting a tablet, my mum a beautiful piece of jewellery that she could wear on her wedding day in the New Year.  For my nieces and nephews, I was going to buy them each books that they could share amongst each other.  Now my savings have to be used for insurance, against the possibility that I might not have enough money to cover bills in the New Year.  
I don’t want this blog post to be a trite ditty imploring the feast of materialism that Christmas has become.  Despite how many Christmas specials there are about the true meaning of Christmas, in this age of commercialism, people are still going to over extend themselves and their wallets in order to make Christmas a happy affair.  I love giving gifts; I love being able to gift my loved ones things that they will really appreciate.  And I am one of the lucky ones.  There is approximately 70 people in my department who will be losing their jobs in the first week of January.  For some, it means that their kids might not be able to get the gifts they asked for from Santa.  
Christmas is ultimately about children.  It’s watching their faces light up as they open their gifts from Santa, revelling in their innocence and complete faith in a world that is magical and pure.  For parents who desperately want to give their kids the world are under immense financial and emotional pressure to be able to deliver the “perfect christmas”.  
So when you’re handing over your carefully selected gifts this Christmas, spare a thought for those who have less.  Who are hungry and cold, and trying to be able to create some semblance of what Christmas should look like for their kids.  As I said, I’m one of the lucky ones.  My nieces and nephews will still get gifts, their Christmas will have the joy and innocence that comes with complete and utter faith and the gifts are merely evidence of that.  It’s just such a shame that they come at such a price. 
Have a good Christmas guys.  

People who make me want to scream GAH!!


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I might be irrational today.  Or some people are just so hideous that the only sane reaction is to PUNCH THEM IN THEIR NOSTRILS. 
I would like to point out that I am anti-violence.  Unnecessary violence makes me sad face in a MAJOR WAY.  However, some people are just so rude and obnoxious that they challenge this belief.  To the point that the mere sight of their face makes me WANT TO PUNCH AN ASSHOLE IN THE NOSTRILS.
I swear, I’m usually a really nice person.  I make a point of seeing the good in everyone.  
As I said; some people really challenge this.  


I have a life! Here is the Make Up to prove it!


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Just to prove that I’m not completely a boring old fart, I went out dancing last night.  And the best bit?  The putting on of my makeup of course!  (Well, not quite, but it’s up there!)


What I used on my face.


On my skin I used the last of my Lift Lumiere by Chanel.  This is my party foundation, as it gives great coverage and photographs really well without looking overly heavy on the skin.  I concealed using a mixture of Benefits Boi-ng concealer on blemishes (which I have more than a few of recently!) and Nars Creamy Concealer for my under my eyes.  I used a Stila Convertible on my cheeks, as I wanted to go quite sparkly on the eyes.  For the lips, I used Macs Up the Amp, which is becoming my go to lipstick for out and about.

Silver and Purple

My Eyes After I’d done with them

For the eyes, I used Chanel Illusion d’ombre in epatant over the lid and the matte purple from the Sleek Snapshot Palette in the crease and outer corner of the eye.  Plenty of black liner on the lower waterline and on the upper lashline, smoked out with a tiny bit of matte black shadow.  Uber Sparkly and rather festive, I think.


Nov 22 2013

Perhaps a little bit worse for wear?


Ladies (or lads, we are non-discriminatory here at Eclectic Ladyland) what’s your favourite bit of going out?  Is the actual drinking/dancing/craic bit of the night, or are you like me and relish the time it takes to get ready?

Horrible breakout skin!


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I was feeling pretty smug about my skin there.  Other than the odd spot, it was fairly normal, not too oily, perhaps a little dehydrated.  Then, it happened.


I have been plagued by little, tiny, under the skin spots. Doesn’t sound too bad, except that there are loads of them, and they are sore.  Something is annoying my skin, but for the life of me, I don’t know what.  Plus, it’s coming up to Christmas, and money is tight.  So I decided to reach out and ask “Does anyone have any product recommendations that will help my bumpy skin?”  In addition to the spots, I have been experiencing extreme dryness.

Suggestions please!!